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How can the foundation help Fedoracoin ?

Promote your Fedoracoin based project

Just shoot us an email, and we will try and figure out the best possible way to help you.

Helping development of TIPS related projects

Help the development of any applications or website to benefit the coin

Raise awareness about FedoraCoin

The donations recieved to the "Advertisement Address" will allow us to raise awareness on Fedoracoin

Current bounty

Android Wallet: 1 Mil.

This is the current bounty, all current bounties for Fedoracoin related projects will appear here.

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Contact Us

Please Email the Fedora-Foundation Staff by sending an email to mail@fedora-foundation.net or by going to /r/FedoraFoundation and dropping a post.

What we do

The Foundation is for projects that will help further the coins popularity and it's stability. It will contribute to projects that will further the coin. Such as a Light wallet. As for the DEV team, I will figure who to give it to on the IRC; for now the coins will just sit there, until I have an idea.